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  Wuxi Swif International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company has the self-management import and export right, the specialty is engaged in all kinds of food machinery and food machinery accessories design, development and manufacturing.
   Our company is located in Wuxi City, the most developed area in the center of the Yangtze river delta, has beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. The transportation is very convenient: it is 120 km to Shanghai Port. Here is the Chinese first-class enterprise assembled, the light industrial manufacturing and R&D base.
   The main products of our company are: Biscuit production equipment, Instant Noodle production equipment, Rice Cakes production equipment, Beverage processing equipment, Candy production equipment, Ice Cream Cone Machinery, Meat processing machinery and other processing machineries. Our products are sold to southeast Asia, the Middle East India and Pakistan, etc.
   Our company can based on customer technical requirements of the proposed or samples, in the shortest possible time, design develop various types of food machinery, with the maximum satisfy customer needs.
   Our company to domestic famous professional factory of the development of overseas market together. We not only have a professional and technical personnel, with many more professional food processing technology personnel for your site, professor production. From the beginning, we set up and through IS09001 standard quality system, at present the ISO/ TSl6949 quality system has begun to be implemented.
   Strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the good faith, make friends, to develop market, is our business purposes. We determined to abide by the purpose, with perseverance, the spirit of continuous innovation, and together with friends both at home and abroad to cooperate, create a brilliant tomorrow.

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