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Two new vermicelli noodle packaging machine industry in the application of
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Noodles are the staple food of people in northern China, a long time, because there is bare noodles wrapped in paper is difficult to guarantee quality health, shrink sleeve packaging with manual slow, a lot of work, production costs and high management costs and other issues, Qingdao Three-dimensional co- Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed two kinds of noodles with SWC-590 packaging machine automatic packaging machines and SWG-450-type noodles in bulk packaging machine to solve the above problems, and in the noodle industry has been widely used.

SWC-590 packing machine

By the conveyor of the packaging machine, packaging machine and shrink furnace components, packaging machine using the Omron PLC for process control, Panasonic inverter side seal, the sealing temperature is controlled by the temperature table for the characteristics in the noodles, design dedicated anti-knife cutting systems and automatic systems, so that the production process will not be cut noodles bad, to improve the rate of qualified products, this is no other packaging machines. For a variety of packaging materials such as POF, PE, PVC, PP and other shrink film. Shrink the circulating air type, the furnace temperature throughout the balance of front and rear dual-zone control, control of high precision, shrinkage effect, the aircraft has since been the market has been more than sixty noodle manufacturers use, such as: broad , Keming, COFCO, Shanghai Yue Hui, etc., has been highly praised by the market. Advantages:

(L) to improve production efficiency, saving labor: an average speed of 90 packs / minute, only 4-5 man operation, and artificial need more than 20 people;

(2) packing and beautiful: with this kind of automatic packaging machine, noodle surface smooth, beautiful;

(3) saving supplies: The packaging machine packaging films per package to save over 30% average savings of about 0.8 cents packet noodles, just to save a packaging film, about 3-4 months to recover the investment cost of the equipment.

SWG-450-type noodles in bulk packaging machine

SWG-450-type noodles in bulk packaging machine is designed for packaging bulk noodle. It consists of packaging machine conveyor, feeder and electronic components, said. Packing machine controlled by PLC, inverter, cursor tracking system ensures accurate cutter cut the cursor on the ensuring design integrity. Scraper conveyor in the conveyor slot noodles can be completely transported, do not leave out one. E-called auto-weighing type, can save manpower. Feeder after weighing the noodles will be put to the scraper conveyor transport within. The sets of equipment speed of 50 packs / minute, weighing accuracy of ± 3%, composite packaging film packing film, such as: paper / PE, OPP / PE, OPP / AL / PE, etc., packaged noodles out of a higher grade, for supermarkets, shopping malls.

Shrink film choices

Contraction of the original hand-bag way more than the use of PVC shrink film material, it contains chlorine-based ingredients, has been explicitly disabled state, is to use more POF shrink film, a small proportion of it, a good degree of tensile sheets, light transmission is good, soft, not crisp, an environmentally friendly product. The POF film with a thickness of 19μm to replace 30 to 40μm thick PVC film can meet the intensity, with the proportion of POF film is 0.92, while the proportion of PVC film

1.4, so the two films in the use of, the cost is considerable.

In summary, the introduction of two packaging machines which greatly promoted the noodle manufacturer's technical progress, for noodle production company has brought tangible benefits

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