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Worries many food packaging materials
admin:admin  date:2011/7/22 19:14:25  Click:6788

November 6, 2009, the Ministry of Health and other departments jointly issued a 7 "on food packaging materials to carry out clean-up," which asked the departments to supervise food-related products, especially food containers, packaging materials, production units, according to the current national standards on food safety and other relevant provisions of the organization of production, and to carry out self-examination and cleaning.

Dinner out with friends and family, a table of how much rich food eaten, you may choose to pack to go home, which is to promote conservation in today's society is quite normal, but you may not have thought that food packaged to go home box may be affecting your health. March 15 morning, the Beijing Environmental Technology Information Centre Hyflux sued the "old side of dumplings," "Donglaishun" one-time use of poor quality meal in the Beijing Haidian District, filing, we understand that this is the first of "Food Safety Law" based on the food packaging industry for consumer rights.

International Food Packaging Association in January 2010 release of "2010 China top ten worries of food packaging products industry", the disposable plastic tableware is at the top. For the investigation of low-quality disposable plastic lunch boxes use in restaurants, 3.15 on the eve of this year, Hyflux by the Beijing Environmental Technology Information Centre, the relevant lawyer, notary public and the media to participate in the investigation of a related group of unannounced visits to the Beijing market launched an investigation. Investigation team in the Beijing Golden Resources Shopping Mall in the old side Dumpling Restaurant and Donglaishun Jinyuan Restaurant, were taken to the suspected bad one meal samples, subsequently by the Beijing Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis of Health performance testing, the old side Dumpling Restaurant The use of "YL-03" meal, acetic acid and hexane evaporation residue test results were 4540mg / L and 729mg / L, respectively, exceeding the prescribed limit of 153 times and 23 times; Donglaishun use "ZS- 104 "lunch box, test results of these two indicators were 3980mg / L and 704mg / L, respectively, exceeding the prescribed limit of 132 times and 22 times.

International Food Packaging Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General, Food Lion director of packaging and environmental experts on the dangers of which we have done to explain: residual excessive evaporation of acetic acid added to the test object description of minerals such as calcium carbonate, talc, etc. excessive amount of n-hexane evaporation residues exceeding the instructions to add the excessive amount of carcinogens polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in paraffin. From the test data, if we installed a long time in this low-quality vinegar or fat meal food, it means that it will eat 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of the meal!

According to the survey, the old side of dumplings meal used for the Beijing Museum Road, Albert Wing Plastic Products Factory production, the production license in late June 2009 by the State Administration of Quality Supervision cancellation; Donglaishun used Jinyuan Restaurant is the "holy-tree Tianjin plastic tableware products factory" production of the meal, according to the survey, the company never received the production license, the local government punished several law enforcement, but still against the wind production.

Through the consolidation of governance in recent years, disposable plastic tableware has been very good to improve the quality, but there are still some companies to ignore the production of low-quality meal, repeated, why not? Experts Dong Lion introduction, the wholesale price of a meal is generally qualified in 0.15 yuan or more, while only the wholesale price of low-quality meal Qi Bafen money from the poor of the price comparison is not difficult to see why so persistent manufacturers to compete with the law. The black-hearted boss, set the expense of consumer health, the use of waste plastic and add a large number of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, paraffin wax and other filler production direct contact with food lunch boxes, etc. so he joined the "slow poison." These substances with the vinegar, oil and other precipitation for human consumption, can cause indigestion, local pain and liver system diseases and other diseases that affect children's mental development, severe cases can cause gallstones, kidney stones, heavy metal poisoning and even cancer cells .

According to the case attorney Zhang Zhisheng, due to the small amount of food packaging in general, caused a direct loss of smaller, but also for human health impact is hidden, so rarely sue for food packaging. From a legal perspective, the relevant enterprises are likely to bear corresponding civil liability, administrative responsibility, or even criminal liability. However, the Beijing Environmental Technology Information Centre Hyflux has been dedicated to the healthy development of disposable tableware and regulate the development of the industry, so this action is not required for compensation, but more in its public interest, to arouse all the lunch boxes manufacturers of social responsibility to the health of consumers as the highest purpose, the production of qualified products; also police vinegar food production and catering business enterprises, to purchase strictly better off, or affect the health of consumers, and may also face legal sanctions.

"According to state law, food packaging is not nobody but the tube could not finish the problem, to solve these problems will improve the quality of the producer's legal awareness and awareness of food and food packaging manufacturers can rest assured that products produced by the operator conscience. "expert Dong Lion remarks made on food manufacturers warning," with the production yield of conscience, should not be just a slogan, and grasping the safety and effectiveness is the business to survive. "

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