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Applicability of the safety of food processing machinery design
admin:admin  date:2011/7/22 19:15:46  Click:6837

With the development of the economic structure changes and improvement of living standards, consumer tastes and types of food requirements are increasing, causing the food machinery manufacturing tend to be more variety, small batch development, in addition to the city's hotels, restaurants on the greater demand for food machinery, the rural areas have gradually become more market food machinery. Like rice flour machine, steamed buns machine that not only can save a lot of food machinery of labor costs, and high production efficiency, the shape produced by the U.S. Food, Health, by the majority of consumers.

    Food machinery becomes more widespread, increasingly broad market prospects, about the applicability of the safety of food processing machinery food machinery products has become an important factor to develop. Applicability of the security here, including: food processing machinery safety, production safety and food security in three areas.

    First, the mechanical safety. Is not produced by the mechanical damage caused by the effect of the mechanical risk is reduced to a minimum.

    Food machinery should be able to staff the operation method in accordance with the program set to produce the required food shape, quantity, etc., stable performance, high efficiency and reliable quality. A large food machinery is composed of N parts, each part has its specific properties and functions, if any of the problems with a small part may affect the entire machine application. In addition, food machinery should be able to lower the fixed costs of raw materials to produce more finished products as possible.

    At present, the quality of products can be used for food machinery design methods are more according to their function can be divided into three categories: quality of design methods for the quality of these methods the main function is to assist the people for food machinery quality planning, quality, design or quality improvement. Such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is to realize the quality of user-driven product design powerful tool; failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) can help people identify quality problems early and avoid design errors or design to take appropriate preventive measures to ensure product quality, improve design quality. Similarly, there are fault tree analysis (FTA), feature - factors diagram analysis, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), failure mode and effects analysis method and fatal (FMECA), event timing tree analysis (ETA ), the risk of pre-analysis (PHA) and so on.

    Second, the production safety. Refers to the safety, industrial hygiene, protection of workers health and safety in the production of the premise, from the management, production technology and equipment requirements on safety behavior and safety of people needed for the production of material conditions.

    Backgrounder: Yingkou a ramen noodle chef Mr. Han machine in operation and the surface, when suddenly his right hand and face machine is "pulled" into it. Turn off the power to colleagues, and pry under the surface of the baffle unit, will be Mr. Han rescued. After the hospital, but fortunately only a small fracture, rupture of arteries at the wrist, after six months of rest, you can resume normal activities.

    This class and face similar machine, pressing machine, or other food processing machinery "hurt" the case of food production and a few staff, food machinery business aspects of product design should focus on product safety aspects of operations, added protection in the product design measures to prevent such incidents. Perhaps some accidents are operators used improperly or carelessly caused food machinery brake in time, or in the event of an accident, the removal is simple, as soon as possible for the injured for treatment of events, etc., are all aspects of food safety in the production of machinery should be taken into account.

    The third is food security. Including food hygiene, food quality, nutrition and other related aspects.

    Clenbuterol, waste oil, plastics etc., etc. events have repeatedly challenged the people for food safety, endurance, we are complaining about the regulation, standard, but also can not ignore the production chain, is the source of food safety incidents. At present, the machinery has been largely replaced human labor, has become the main food production.

    Machinery and equipment is not thinking in the food production process are not automatically added melamine, clenbuterol and other material, production personnel is the key, but the food machinery in the food is health, whether the quality of clearance, nutritional analysis and achieve remind the production staff, to protect food safety.

    Mechanical products is an important tool for the liberation of labor, food machinery has introduced new products, new features, while the most basic security should not forget that the applicability of production from product safety to the safety to the food safety, each step is critical, and is a prerequisite to develop mechanical products.


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